Minimalist Stacked Bar Chart

I saw this chart on google and liked the cleanness of it. So I decided to post a quick tutorial about how to make one for yourself. Here is what I call Minimalist Stacked Bar Chart.

minimalist stacked bar chart 1

This chart shows vote distribution of age groups for Obama vs McCain. I am going to use First Candidate and Second Candidate for names instead.

In order to create this chart easily, all you have to do is to arrange your data accordingly. Rest is going to handle itself. Here is the data setup:

minimalist stacked bar chart 2

As you can see, I entered some vote numbers to simulate percentages similar to the original chart. Than calculate percentages with simple formulas that can be seen above. Only thing to notice here is the placement of columns. I purposely ordered columns as FC, invalid and SC. And invalid column lacks a title because I don’t want it to be displayed in chart legend.

Select your new table and insert a 100% Stacked Bar Chart. Here is how it should look like:

minimalist stacked bar chart 3

Apply following formatting to this chart to make it look like the original one:

  • Remove gridlines, horizontal axis and chart title
  • Remove legend and add it again but this time to the top of the chart
  • Decrease Gap Width between data series to 50%
  • Change series colors from left to right as Dark Blue – White – Dark Red (same as original)
  • Select vertical axis and set Shape Outline to “No Outline”.
  • Add Labels for FC and SC series. Set font formatting as bold and color as white

Finished chart should look like this:

minimalist stacked bar chart 4

Download link coming soon…

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    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exseptire answers. Thanks!

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