Monthly Chart Template

You can distinguish weekends on this monthly chart template with ease. Here is a downloadable chart after a while. I hope you like it.

You will find a selection panel just above the chart.

monthly chart template 1

Here is how this control panel helps you setup your monthly chart template:

  • You can specify a month by selecting a year and a month.
  • You can assign any day as starting day of the week.
  • You can specify one, both or neither of Saturday and Sunday as a weekend day (selecting only Saturday as a weekend day is not possible on this chart).

Based on your selections, you will have a daily layout with weekends highlighted:

monthly chart template 2

There is a colored column next to chart source data to be used as a data series to be plotted. I used it as a daily sales data to demonstrate:

monthly chart template 3

If this was a regular chart with no weekend distinction, viewer would have a harder time to see that sales are peaking at weekend. But now viewer can see it at first glance.

You can change sales column values to suit your needs. You can also add new columns and include them into your chart too. Just add another column of data and open “Select Data” interface from charts right-click menu. Press “Add” button and select your data. Set it up just like sales series and it should work ok.

You can download the chart from the link below:

Download Monthly Chart Template

Download FAQ

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