Multi Level Data Labels in Charts

When you have a big data set for a chart you naturally get too many data lables. But if your data can be grouped in some manner, you can make much more pleasant looking charts by applying multi level data labels.

multi level data labelsApplying multi level data labels is a very easy task. Here is how you do it:

Lets say you have a dataset that looks like the one below (year, month, revenue).  If you make a chart from this data, you will end up with some very long labels that are going to be shown verticall or so.



A better approach is to format modify your data make multiple levels of labels before generating your chart. This way your chart will look much more professional.

You don’t need to make anything else. After modifying your data, just select all data as you did before and insert your chart. Excel will automatically recognize your multi level data labels.

Here is the modified version of same data:


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  1. Rok Drinovec says:

    This is not working for me in Excel 2013

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