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If you ever tried to copy data from PDF to Excel you sure have noticed that copied data are not quite usable when pasted into Excel. So how can we transfer data from PDF to Excel? Here is the answer to the age old question.


We are going to use MS Word to copy PDF to Excel. Microsoft added ability to open PDF documents to Word 2013. So this trick only works with MS Office 2013 (Word 2013 + Excel 2013).

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your PDF document with Word 2013 (Open Word, File/Open…).
  2. Copy the data you want to import or copy all (Ctrl+A + Crtl+C)
  3. Open Excel and paste (Ctrl+V).

Even though Excel can’t interpret PDF files effectively, it can read data originated from MS Word pretty effectively. Therefore you will see that the data will be pasted as seen on MS Word. It is that easy.

Important: This will work nicely on data tables only. Charts don’t paste as nicely as data tables into Excel even when copied from MS Word. You can try nevertheless. But I cannot guarantee satisfactory results when copy charts from PDF to Excel.

An example PDF report:

Same report opened with MS Word 2013 (notice that table structure and data inside is pretty much intact):

And it is pasted into Excel (notice that table structure and data inside is pretty much intact):

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