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Most people are not aware of the nice tool named People Graph that become available with Excel 2013. It allows you create fancy charts fit for infographics.

It is very easy to create a people graph with Excel.  I looks really nice and professional. But it is a one dimensional chart that can only show one column of data. And it only works in Excel 2013 and later.

You can get this app from store link located under Insert Tab.

Here is a step by step guide for creating a People Graph:

Have your data arranged in two columns:

People Graph 1


You can find People Graph under insert tab, inside add-ins group.People Graph 2


Click on the button and a default window appears:People Graph 3


Notice two buttons on upper right corner of the screen. The one on the left (looks like a table) is Data button and the one on the right (cog) is Settings button. When you press Data button, a menu will slide in from right.

Input graph title inside the text box below the green button and press “Select your data” button to select your data.People Graph 4


You will receive an information note regarding your selection based on the charts limitations:People Graph 5


Press Create button and your People Graph will be created with default styling options.People Graph 6


Now it is time for some formatting. Click on the Settings button (Cog on the upper right corner). Settings menu will slide in from right.People Graph 7


You can play with settings to fit your chart to your liking. After a couple of clicks mine looks like this:People Graph 8


Data used for this graph is taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religious_populations


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21 Responses

  1. BENTALEB says:

    please send me people graphe model

  2. Seli Research says:

    Simple to use now for being able to edit font size etc. Will be quite powerful

  3. beatrix says:

    How did you change the number represented by each person? i.e. in the red people graph you had 2.2 people representing 2.2 M but on the yellow people graph you had 22 people represent 2.2 M

  4. melih says:


    If you resize your people graph by dragging from one side and make it narrower It will adjust persons as you mention.

    Best Regads

  5. Tabitha says:

    How do you edit the text size?

    • melih says:

      I don’t think that you can edit text size.
      You can resize the whole graph, or use custom text boxes and place them over original texts.

  6. Hina says:

    How did you change the color of symbol from red to green? I tried to do that but it does not allow to change color

  7. Anna says:

    Is it possible to make people chart vertically?

  8. Raju says:

    for People graph, how to represent total number of people, as example say out of 5 people there are 3 available full time and 1 off time and 1 out complete than it sjould give 3full shaded 1 half shaded and 1 complete transparent.

    • Rich Mac says:

      Same need here.

      • melih says:

        People graph works with single series. Your design requires 3 series series for one series (3 type of people). You may achieve this by using different techniques (bar chart, conditional formatting, etc.) but not with people graph.

  9. Mackenzie says:

    How do you delete the people graph? I’ve tried moving the mouse to the edge til it’s the four curser corner thing, pressing f5 and delete but it’s still there. Please help!

  10. Todd says:

    I have this app included as part of a worksheet and it keeps messing up. It works totally fine for a week or so, and after that, when I open the worksheet, it resets to it’s default layout and data. So I then have to re-select all my data. Totally annoying and makes this app completely useless!

  11. Christine says:

    How is it possibele to use this chart in a vba makro? Our figures are not getting updated.

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