Pivot Chart


Pivot chart is a powerful side product of renowned pivot table. It has all the filters that are present on source pivot table. That means you can have a highly interactive chart with just one click.

Pivot ChartWhen you have a pivot table that is arranged to meet your requirements, you can easily create a pivot chart from it. All you need to do is to click any cell inside your pivot table, than inserting a chart of your choice (same way inserting normal charts).

Note that field names in the pivot table field list becomes different when you click on your pivot chart. Row labels becomes axis while column labels becomes legend. Rest of the field names stays same.

By the nature of pivot charts, it will come with all the filters of source pivot table on itself. This means you can filter your chart dynamically without messing with data. Because filters on pivot table are connected to both pivot table and pivot chart. You can even cut your pivot chart and paste it into another sheet. Even than all the filters are going to be working and connected to both pivot table and pivot chart. Same goes for data fields. If you change the data inside data fields, it will affect bot pivot chart and pivot table.

You may get confused at first depending on what you included in your pivot chart because it may seem very crowded when unfiltered. But since we are using pivot tables because of their ability of being filtered, you will almost always use it filtered.

Want to test it yourself? Here is an example pivot chart for you to play with.

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