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If you want to print comments in Excel, you probably realized that comments are not visible on printed worksheets by default. You need to adjust options accordingly to print comments in Excel.

Here is an example work sheet that contains a comment. Comment is set to visible all times from Show/Hide Comments option on right-click menu.

When you decide to print in on paper or as pdf, etc., you will notice from print preview that the comment you set as visible is not going to be printed. Excel does not print comments on worksheets by default.

Here is the how our print preview looks like:

To print comments in Excel, you need to change settings from Page Setup menu. This way you can force Excel to print your comments as you wish.

You can reach page setup menu from a couple of different places. Either you can use the Page Setup link located in print preview or you can click on Print Tiles button located on Page Layout ribbon. You can also open Page Setup menu from the tiny icon located just below Print Tiles button.

Once you open Page Setup window, you need to navigate to Sheet tab. Middle section of this window is named Print. This is where you select which worksheet visual attributes you want to print. To print comments in Excel, you need to set comment dropdown as “As seen on sheet”.

Press ok and preview you worksheet on print preview again. This time your comments should be visible on the print version of your worksheet.

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