Quick Tip: Easy Zebra Lines

Zebra lines are used to distinguish continuous lines in a list to improve readability. It is a good practice to apply zebra lines to your data lists and tables with mild colors. Here is a very quick way to apply easy zebra lines to your data lists.

easy zebra linesSelect your (whole) list and click on Format as Table button on Home ribbon.

Select any style you like and clik on it. You will get a promt asking for confirmation. Check the info in it and click ok.

Now your data list is formatted (and also converted to a Table). But we only want the formatting. So click any cell on your table and go to Table Tools menu from top ribbon. Click on Convert to Range button to make it a list again.

This will take away table properties but formatting will remain.


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  1. August 30, 2015

    […] of rows, zebra lines can make spotting changes in the data much easier. Excel does provide an easy way for regular zebra lines (colored rows: 1-3-5-… ). But in order to create custom zebra lines, you need to know this trick. […]

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