Remove Background From Image

Did you know you can remove background from image using Excel Picture Tools? Well it is not a professional image editing software, but it does the job pretty easy for you.

remove_picture_backgroundWhen you have an image with a background that you don’t want, all you need to do is to select that picture and access Picture Tools menu from top ribbon. When you enter this menu, you will notice that first button from left is called “Remove Background”.

remove_background (1)

When you click on Remove Background button, excel will select the background of your picture. But it will also give you chance to arrange things to your liking.

remove_background (2)

When you click “Keep Changes” button, excel will remove background from image.

remove_background (3)

Removing background of an image is this easy!

There are some additional notes though:

  • This trick works especially good with clean images that has white (or single color) background.
  • The bigger the contrast between shapes and background, better the result will be.
  • Removing background of texts may become a little messy
  • This tool is also available in MS Word and MS PowerPoint

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