Removing Duplicates Easily

When you have a list of data and you need to find and remove duplicate entries, depending on the size of your list, it may become very frustrating. Here is a quick way of removing duplicates easily.

Excel has a “Remove Duplicates Tool” for tables. So if your list is formatted as a table or if you format it as a table, you can use this tool to for removing duplicates easily.

To use this tool you need to select any cell on your table and navigate to table tool ribbon. You can find “Remove Duplicates” button on this ribbon (shown below).

When you click on this button, excel will display a window (shown below) that includes the list of your columns. From  this window you can select any or all columns for excel to check for duplicate values. It will come as all columns selected by default. So excel will check your table for identical rows and remove any duplicate it finds. If you want one or some of the columns to be checked, you can change selection.

When you finish selecting columns for checking and click ok, excel will remove any duplicate entries based on your selection and show a message box that shows how many duplicate values have been found and removed.

Important Note: Excel checks the duplicates based on what is shown in the cell. Not based on cell value. Therefore “31/05/2013” and “3 May 2013” will be treated as different values.

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