Removing Personal Information From Workbooks


Excel stores user information on your workbooks in the background. This information consists of author info, creation date, change log and anything else that you specifically declared (tags, comments, etc.). But it also lets you remove this information before distributing your workbook. Here is the way of removing personal information from workbooks.


When you navigate to file menu of your workbook, you can see information stored about your workbook. Here is how it looks by default:

To remove this information, clik on the Check for Issues button and select Inspect Document.

You will be asked about what do you want checked with a promt. Select all, it won’t hurt.

Wait a little while inspection is in progress…

When finished, resultst will be presented in a promt.

To remove personal information, click on the Remove All button on Document Properties and Personal Information slice. All previously mentioned information will be removed and your worksheets information will look like this:

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