Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook

You can encounter corrupted workbooks time to time. Sometimes one of your workbooks gets corrupted, sometimes a file you received is. But there is no need to worry, since it is easy to repair corrupted Excel workbook.

When you try to open a corrupted workbook, Excel will display a message like the one below and when you click on OK, it will not open the workbook.Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook 1

To repair corrupted excel workbook, you need to apply the steps below:

  1. From any open Excel workbook, click File -> Open
  2. Locate and select the corrupt workbook.
  3. Click on the arrow next to the open button and click on “Open and Repair”.Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook 2
  4. Excel will present you two options, one being “Repair” and the other is “Extract Data”Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook 3
  5. Click repair as the first choice, Excel will try to repair corrupt workbook.
  6. If that doesn’t works, reapply steps 1 to 4 and select “Extract Data”.
  7. This time you will be asked to choose between converting all formulas to values and trying to recover formulas. For me, both yielded same results every time.Repair Corrupted Excel Workbook 4

This way Excel will recover as much data as it can. But you will likely to lose all the formatting and formulas.

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks a lots for this!!

    Here are some other options that may help you in recovery of data from corrupt Excel file.

    1. You might try opening the files in open source office programs like Open Office or Libre Office, I have seen that it works in some scenarios.
    2. Change the file extension of the file; .xlsx to .xls.
    3. 3rd party software like Stellar Excel repair. It has been designed to repair corrupt or damaged Excel file. You can get more info from here:

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