Report Template With Hyperlink

Here is a very creative use of hyperlinks to achieve a tabular menu effect. Check the full post to learn how to make a report template with hyperlink and/or download the finished file.

Report Template - HyperlinkOpen a new empty workbook and delete sheet2 and sheet3, leave only sheet1. Name it as Report 1.

Color a lenght of line 5 to make a divider line. You can choose any color you like.

Insert a Round Same Side Corner Rectangle. Use 2×2 cell size. Select Colored Outline from Format menu (Bold borders with no fill). Make sure only the same color that you used on your divider line.

Place them side by side just above your divider line. Make sure their bottom touches the line.

Add text to these shapes: Report 1 to Report 5 from left to right.

Now make 4 copies of sheet 1 and name them as you named your shapes.

Now all you need to to is to add your hyperlinks to your shapes and assign them to related sheets. You can see how to add hyperlinks from Hyperlinks post.

Change shape style of the shape for corresponding page to “Colored Fill” (Shape is filled with color, text is white).

You can download example workbook from here: Report Template With Hyperlink

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