Save As Multipage PDF File

Would you like your reports to look like e-magazines with multiple pages? Here is how to do it. All you need to know is how to save  as multipage pdf file.

Lets assume that you are deailng with a regional sales report that has multiple worksheets. When you are going to distribute your report, try steps explained below to make it a nice looking, brochure-like report. This will make it easier to e-mail due to vastly decreased size and nicer to look at due to more reading friendly format.

Here are the steps:

Make sure all the pages that are going to be printed are arranged for printing (check print preview).

Arrange pages to be printed in the order you want them to be on saved file.

Click on the first sheet you want to print.

Press and hold Shift button and click on tje last sheet you want to print.

Check that they are all colored with same color

From this

to this

Check workbook title to see [Group] term appared next to the title

Now go to the Save As menu for saving your report.

Select “PDF” from dropdown menu for file type.

Then Excel will save your workbooks as multipage pdf file. Here is the result of save as multipage pdf:

Save As Multipage Pdf

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