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If you are working with same multiple workbooks frequently, you can arrange layout of your workbooks on screen and save workspace. This way you can open them at once with same layout whenever you want.

Here is how save workspace works:

Lets assume that you have 4 workbooks that I plan to work on simultaneously. Open them all and arrange a layout that you feel comfortable.

When you are satisfied with the layout, click on “Save Workspace” button on View Ribbon.

Excel will ask for a save location for your workspace and your workbooks inside it (if they are not already saved). When finish saving, you will get a new icon in the location that you saved your workspace.

When you click on this icon, all your workbooks will be opened simultaneously and your workspace will be restored with the same layout as you saved it.

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  1. Anthony says:

    I have a workspace comprising multiple worksheets from the sane file. But whenever I open the workspace, the order of the worksheets I the different windows are different. For example, Sheet 1 is opened in the widow meant for Sheet 2, and vice versa. How to fix a worksheet into the the window permanently?

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