Search By Color In Excel

Most users does not know that they can search by color in Excel. But with a bit of attention to details, you can search by color easily.

Almost everybody knows Find and Replace tool in Excel. It helps you easily find and replace multiple cells depending on your search query. But most users are not aware of the fact that they can also search by color in Excel.

You can use Find Tool (Ctrl+F) to search for values in a worksheet. As you probably already know, you can type anything you want to search in the field and Excel will find it on the worksheet and select it.


If you need to search by color though, you need to use the Options button expand find window.


These options actually give you a much wider array of search options. What we are going to over now is searching by color. To search by color, you need to leave the input box empty (not necessarily), select a format (fill color in our case) by pressing “Format” button.


When you complete color selection, your “Find Tool” will look like the one below.


Press “Find Next” and Excel will search for a cell with light yellow color from cell A1 downwards. Then if there is any cell with matching color, it will be selected.



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