Self Filling Chart

Here is a very easy to do fancy self filling chart. Lets see how to do it…

Self_Filling_Chart-beatexcelI called this one “Self Filling Chart” because it gives the effect of a filling glass as its data increases. Actually it is a normal bar chart with two data series with a little formatting. There is one static  bar and one vertically moving bar on the chart. Here is how I did it:

I made a list for monthly sales data. Added a total row at the bottom of this list and a target row after it (see above animation). Idea is, when I add data to sales list, it will increase total value. So while target value is static, total value is dynamic.

Then I made a column chart selecting last 2 rows of my list. This way I got 2 columns, one for target and one for total. I’m not going to go into formatting details since we covered how to access formatting interface in combining two charts post. I set series overlap to 100%, made target series “no fill”, and made “total” series light blue (like water).

When all is done chart will seem like a glass of water that fills dynamically with increasing total sales.

If you enjoy this tutorial, you may download our example self filling chart and play with it.

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