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You can use Show All Comments button to show/hide all comments on an Excel worksheet. It is especially useful when you need to work on a workbook which has many cell comments.

Comments can be very obstructive if they are many and all visible. You may need to switch them on and off to be able to work effectively. This can be done by clicking on a cell and selecting show/hide comments option from right-click menu. But with a large amount of cells with comments, it will take too much time and effort.

To show/hide all comments on a worksheet at once, you can use Show All Comments button on Review Tab of menu ribbon. This button will show all comments on a worksheet with first click and hide all comments with the second one.

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  1. FrankCup says:

    Note:  In Excel for Office 365, you can’t print just notes at the end of the sheet. However, you can print both threaded comments and notes at the end of the sheet. See the previous section on printing threaded comments and notes in Excel for Office 365.

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