Sparklines (incell chart)

Are you looking for ways to enhance your reports. If so, you can check sparklines. Having micro charts will make your charts look professional…

sparklinesSparklines are a built in chart type located in insert ribbon. It is very easy to setup sparklines. It doesn’t really needs much explanation. You just need to select a  cell and insert your sparkline . You’ll be asked for input range by a prompt. Select the range you want charted and you are done.

Here is an example of how it looks:

For the data table below we will insert sparklines to show the trend in one glance:

Here is all three types of sparklines in action.

You can do basic formatting like highlighting first, last, high, low,etc. points or selecting different color themes from sparkline design tool.

Sparklines may not seem like much at first. But when you use it next to a sum of values to show trend, you’ll be surprised how good it will look. Your reports will be much cleaner and sparkling.

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