Stacking Coins Chart

I call this chart stacking coins chart because of its looks. Columns in this chart looks like coins stacked on top of each other. Actually this chart is a basic column chart with some formatting. To learn how to do this and also experience the power of formatting in excel, continue reading.

Stacking Coins ChartHere is a basic column chart and its data that we are going to use:

money_chart (1)

Select whole data and insert a column chart, you’ll get this chart. From here it is all formatting. Here is how to turn a simple ugly column chart to a stacking coins chart:

  1. First right-click on any of the columns in the chart and open “format data series menu”. From here we will change the fill of our series. Choose dark horizontal bars and yellow for fill color, dark grey for background color. Hit ok.money_chart (2)
  2. Now click anywhere on plot area (where the bars are located inside the chart) and open “format plot area” menu same way as 1st step. Select the same dark gray for fill color.money_chart (3)
  3. At this point we have our stacked coins ready. Now it is time for some more formatting to have a complete chart:
  • Change fill color of chart area (area around plot area) to same dark gray.
  • Remove any legend
  • Change chart title to something catchy like “Sales Revenue (2012)” and set font color to gray (a bit lighter than background)
  • Remove vertical axis and set both font color and line color of horizontal axis to light gray.
  • Add data labels. Set font color to yellow. Manually change label text (20.000 -> 20k)
  • Now you have a fancy chart for money related reports. If you like it, you can save it as a template from design tab of chart tools. It will be added to your chart templates for further use.

If you like this tutorial,  you may download my Stacked Coins Chart example and check its features yourself.

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