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Excel Table

Excel Table is a must know feature of excel! It is like a bunch of useful features packed into one for your convenience.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting

Have you ever tried to change formatting of a cell or a range of cells based on a condition? If so, conditional formatting is the...

Sparklines (incell chart)

Are you looking for ways to enhance your reports. If so, you can check sparklines. Having micro charts will make your charts look professional…

Self Filling Chart

Here is a very easy to do fancy self filling chart. Lets see how to do it…

Quick Excel Tip: Transpose

Did you know that you can easily switch rows and columns of a list of values in an instant by copy-paste using transpose option ?

Dynamic Chart Title

Are you updating your chart title manually all the time for certain changes in data. It is time that you set a dynamic chart title...