Task Manager with Conditional Formatting

This task manager with conditional formatting will show you practical ways of using conditional formatting other than comparing numbers, etc. It is lightweight and very practical to use.

I needed to put the papers I use for note taking aside and move my weekly to-do notes to an Excel file for more efficient tracking. For this purpose, I created a task manager with conditional formatting that is simple to setup and use.

Here is how this task manager looks:

To use it, all you need to do is to input a task, selecting type, priority and status. Due date is not obligatory.

Task formats based on selections:

  • Priority: 1. Red task
  • Priority: 2. Yellow task
  • Priority: 3. Green task.
  • Status: Completed. Gray font with strike through.

You can check these conditional formatting rules from Conditional Formatting\Manage Rules from Home ribbon (Remember to select the tasks first).

This will bring Conditional Formatting Rules Manager window. You can go inside the rules by selecting one and then clicking Edit Rule button.

Most important trick for setting a working conditional formatting in this file is using $ sign correctly on the formula. Otherwise, your rules will only effect one cell instead of selected cells.

You can download the file from:

Task Manager with Conditional Formatting

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