Top 10 Excel Tips – 2013 Edition

With 2013 is recently ended, I can see a lot of very good Excel tips and tutorials are posted on the site. If you missed some of them or just browsing, I made a list of top 10 Excel tips of 2013 for you.

  1. INDEX+MATCH Function Combination: We all love and use Vlookup function very much. But is has a serious limitation. It can only lookup from left to right. So what happens if you need to lookup from right to left? With INDEX+MATCH combo, you can literally lookup for values in any direction.
  2. Getting Rid of Errors (IFERROR Function): Do your formulas return error values occasionally. Do you need to edit error values manually all the time before sending your reports? IFERROR Function relieves you from this problem.
  3. Date Functions in Action: Need to manipulate date values occasionally and having problems doing so? Then you need to see Excel Date Functions in action. You will master date manipulation in no time.
  4. Charting Tips for Better Looking Charts: Bad charts are everywhere! Take a look at these widely accepted insights about charting, don’t be one of those bad chart makers.
  5. Adding Slick Filtering Buttons to your Pivot Charts (Slicers): Starting with Excel 2010 we have a nice filtering tool for pivot tables and pivot charts. Slicers makes your report look more professional than ever.
  6. Moving Formulas (Absolute and Relative References): Do your formulas gets messed up every time you copy them into another location in your workbook? Then you need to learn about absolute and relative references.
  7. Creating Foolproof Workbooks (Data validation): Do you need guide users to enter values from a selected list or you just want to see whether there is any problematic data. Then you need to learn how to make full use of data validation.
  8. Transpose: You have a list of names in a column and you need to use them as column names for some calculation… Everybody must have experienced such an issue at some point. Transpose is here for transferring values from columns to rows or from rows to columns with one click.
  9. Hyperlink Menu: Hyperlink is a powerful tool as it is. But check this post to get a glimpse of what kind of things can be done with a bit creativity.
  10. Showing Trend against Changing Target (Comparison Chart): If your target changes every period, or you need to show comparison between two changing series, you need to have this chart in your arsenal.


Removing Image Background with Excel: Would you have thought using Excel as an image editing software? Excel image tools are not the most powerful image editing tools there is. Yet they can be of great help if you need quick editing.

My top 10 Excel tips are like this. What is your top 10 Excel Tips? Leave a comment below and let us know : )

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