Updating Single Column Formulas

While working in manual calculation mode, you may need to test your formulas occasionally. When this happens, updating single column formulas instead of whole worksheet can save you significant amount of time.

When you are working with huge data sets with a lot of formulas, using automatic calculation option can cause your workbook to become too slow to use. You may need to switch to manual calculation in these kind of situations. You can switch between automatic and manual calculation modes by using Calculation Options button located in Formulas Ribbon:

Updating Single Column Formulas 1

There are 4 easy steps for updating single column formulas. Here are the steps:

  1. Select the first cell with a formula from the column you want to update.Updating Single Column Formulas 2
  2. Select all the cells in that column with Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Key (down arrow for this case) combination.Updating Single Column Formulas 3
  3. Press F2 key to activate the first cell in edit mode.Updating Single Column Formulas 4
  4. Use Ctrl+Enter combination to update all the formulas in that (selection) column.Updating Single Column Formulas 5

Note: Be careful about what you select with Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Key. F2+”Ctrl+Enter” will enter the same formula into each selected cell. Therefore you have to select cells only in one column. If you select more than one column, it will be updated with same formulas. You should watch out any column totals at the bottom for the same reason.

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