Using Data Form

Excel has a pretty unknown tool for data input assistance named Data Form. Here is how to benefit from this tool…

When you need to input large amounts of data into a spreadsheet, Excel provides you a good number of tools and features to ease your work. Data Form is a relatively less known data input aide in this group. You can use data form to increase your data input speed while ensuring right data is inputted to right field.

Data form is not listed under default ribbons or menus. Therefore you need to create a shortcut in order to use it. You can follow the steps shown in Customize Ribbons or Changing Comment Shape posts to reach command list. From there, you need to list “All Commands” and find and add “Form” to your ribbon or Q.A.T.

When your shortcut for data form is in place, all you need to do is to select a range of cells (that supposedly contains tour headers – without empty cells in between) or any cell in your Excel Table and click your data form shortcut. Excel will display a data input form that has data input fields synced with your table header.

Here is how it looks like:

Data Form 1

You can use this form to enter your data into your table with ease. It will you can fill the spaces on the table and proceed by pressing tab button.

Data Form 2

Each time you press enter, data you inputted will be copied to your table and fields on the form will be cleared.

Datal Form 3

You can then enter the next batch of data into your data form and continue till you finish your work.

You can also navigate between records you entered using;

  • Scroll bar next to data fields to navigate one by one or 10 by 10
  • “Find Prev” and “Find Next” buttons to navigate to previous or next record.

You can also search your records using “Criteria” button. This will display and empty data form. You can use any field as a search criteria. Criteria also supports wild card characters.

Data Form 4

You can also delete any row of data you see on your data form simply by clicking on “Delete” button.

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