Using Excel Functions

Excel has a very wide array of functions for your use in various calculations. These functions are grouped into several titles. You may find a full list of excel functions with brief explanations  in All Excel Functions post. Now lets start using excel functions :

I’m going to give a couple of examples of basic functions in excel. For tutorials regarding more complex functions, you can visit Formulas Category.

SUM() Function: Name says all, it sums values of cells between bracelets. Here is an example:

=SUM(A1;B1;C1)             is the same as =A1+B1+C1

=SUM(A1:Z1)                    is the same as =A1+B1+…+Y1+Z1

COUNT() Function: Counts values of cells between bracelets. Here is an example:

=COUNT(A1:E1)               will result as 5

AVERAGE() Function: Calculates average value of cells between bracelets.

You can use functions by themselves or you can use them along with other operators or even with and within other functions (This is called function nesting. For more info: Nested Functions)

Here is an example of multi layered formula:


This formula will sum all the values between cells A1 and D1, then divide this value with their average.

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