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Are you having difficulty in keeping track of changes in certain cells in your workbooks while you are editing other areas? Constantly turning back perhaps? There is actually no need for that. Because you have watch window.


Editing or adding data and calculations to our excel worksheets and workbooks is what we do all the time. But sometimes you might want to track how your final calculations are changing or whether there is any error. If you are switching worksheets or scrolling up and down all the time, here is a convenient way of handling this situation. It is called Watch Window.

Watch window lets you keep track of what is going on in certain cells in your workbooks. The cell you are tracking might be in same sheet, in another sheet or in another workbook. That doesn’t matter. It will show you live information about your selected cells all the time.

You can activate watch window from formulas ribbon. To the right side of the ribbon, there is a fairly large button called watch window (see above image). It is quite hard to miss. When you click on this button, a watch window will appear.

watch_window (1)

On this window there is a button named Add Watch just below window title. Click on it, set the cell you want to watch from here and you are done. Now you’ll have a watch window that shows live info about value of the cell you specified. This watch window will be open in all sheets unless you close it. This will you’ll be seeing what is going on that cell no matter where you are on that workbook.

Example time:

Lets assume that we are inputting sales totals for certain product groups for our customer representatives. While we are inputting data into different worksheets, we want to stay aware of how total sales values are faring. For this task we need to open a watch window and select total column in total sales table.

watch_window (2)

Now that we have selected our cells for watch, our watch window will be showing how these values changes as we change other cell values.

excel_watch_window (3)

As you can see above watch window stays in view and shows live info about totals as we input values in related cells in other sheets.

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