Waterfall Chart

Waterfall chart is a very good choice for displaying cumulative effect of a series of positive and negative values. You will learn to create it in a couple of second with this article.

Waterfall chart is a standard chart coming within Excel 2016. You can create this chart on previous releases but you need to but a lot of work to create a decent waterfall chart. You can read about it here:

How to create a waterfall chart with older versions of Excel.

Creating a waterfall chart with Excel 2016 needs only a ccouple of steps:

1.Prepare your data set:Waterfall Chart 12. Select your data and insert a Waterfall Chart:Waterfall Chart 2

(Excel will also recommend this chart to you if you check “Recommended Charts” in INSERT ribbon.)

3. Double-click on the last column and click on “Show connector lines” and Set as total” options.Waterfall Chart 3

4.Format your chart:Waterfall Chart 4Formatting part needs a little bit of experience with Excel. But I strongly recommend you to work on this to develop a better understanding of chart elements and chart formatting.

If you would like to see how fancy formatting is done, you can continue to the next page.

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