Waterfall Chart

Here is how I formatted this chart:

1.Click on vertical axis and gridlines and delete it. Labels are already showing same information.

2.Add short descriptions of your horizontal axis labels as a column into your data set and arrange them as your axis labels. This will make reading the chart a lot faster.

This is the data set with the new column added:Waterfall Chart 5This is how to change horizontal axis labels reference address:Waterfall Chart 6

3.Type a new chart title (Change font type/size if you like) and delete chart legend.

4.Change “Shape outline” of your columns as thick black line (a) and “Fill color” as green for positive and red for negative values(b). Fastest way is to dye all to red and change the color of first and last column to green.Waterfall Chart 7

5.Format data labels on chart so they can look nicer. To do that, double click on any label and set parameters as shown below:Waterfall Chart 8

    • All done. Here is the finished waterfall chart.Waterfall Chart thumb

If you would like to check the finished version of this chart, you may download it from here.

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