Weekly Production Report Template

Here is a Weekly Production Report Template for you (supports up to 52 weeks). This excel template is simple, clean and easy to use. All you need to do is to input your data and select weeks to display.  You will get a printer friendly report that shows various indicators.

weekly production report templateReport has 2 sheets for use:

Data Sheet: This is where you enter your data. Changes in the line names and category names will be effective on report interface.

Report Sheet: This is your reporting interface. Weeks on the upper right side are adjustable. All the information on the report will be changed depending on week selections. There is also a calendar on this sheet to help user easily determine where a week starts or ends.

Download link for this Excel Template:  Weekly Production Report Template .

You can find more templates in our Templates Category.

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36 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    Hi, would like to know how you work out on Hover over to see Calender. How the Calender get pop up in Comments. Fabulous.

  2. melih says:


    You can see how it is done from this post:

    • Bunny says:

      Tycker att du är en otroligt härlig förebild för oss kvinnor!! Man blir väldigt inarpiersd och motiverad till att gå sin egen väg.. Önskar dig lycka till med ditt äventyr

  3. Lee says:


    I was wondering how the efficiency was calculated in the data tab? example values 1.1 and 0.71

  4. Mona says:

    How do you get the charts to show up?

  5. Alex says:

    How do you get the charts to show again, I don’t think the link is telling me anything.

    • melih says:


      Cells N4 to P4 are formulated to get values based on week selection.
      There are a lot of defined names, you can check name manager under FORMULAS Ribbon.
      Those names are referring to formulas that uses N4 to P4 as arguments and are used as charts’ source data.
      As you update week selections, formulas under names gets updated. So does charts.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Diablogy says:

    HI , the charts are not working for me . There is nothing displayed. Have you the name of a formula to display the dynamic sharts .
    Thanks .

    • melih says:

      Hi, charts are made dynamic with offset function.

      • Fco Javier says:

        Hi, what a great job 🙂 despite of your answer to the previous question, i am not able of seeing the charts :-(; when i change the “end week”, nothing happens in the rows that should contain the trends, they are empty. What am i doing wrong?

        many thanks for your help

  7. Henry says:

    How does the “=calculations!” function work?
    I need to add more data fields.

  8. chaiwattosan says:

    How do you make the report for item chnage (for example from cell E5 to E22) to have with green or red arrow.

    • melih says:

      I used conditional formatting to make that feature.
      You can click on any cell with an arrow, then “Conditional Formatting”->”Manage Rules” and check the setup.

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  10. Fumani Nkatogang says:

    Please help me with a template for a weekly report that will talk to safety, production, breakdowns, down time delays,root cause analysis, planning etc in a mining environment

  11. Paris says:

    How do I convert this to daily vs weekly?

  12. Gowtham R says:

    Hi Good Day to you sir
    Please help me with a Simple template for a weekly report of production, breakdowns, down time delays,Machine wise production, planning with the chart for a Fabrication Industry where Turret punch press, Press Brake , Shearing Machine & power press machines.

  13. Brent Robinson says:

    How can I see the calculations worksheet to see the formulas?

  14. Brent Robinson says:

    Melih, The calculations tab seems to be missing? Any chance you can email me the whole report at bmrobinson88@gmail.com? I appreciate it

  15. Amita Bartaria says:

    We deal in iron and steel in India looking for a MIS REPORT to project production of factory

  16. Amita Bartaria says:

    We deal in iron and steel in India looking for a MIS REPORT to project production of factory

  17. Mark Baranowski says:

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  18. Hoàng quân says:

    cách sử dụng Weekly_Production_Report_Template-beatexce

  19. Kevin says:

    We deal with manufacturing of plastic injection moulded parts for the automotive sector. Any chance you can e-mail me the excel format as a baseline for KPI Dashboard

  20. Kevin says:

    We deal with manufacturing of plastic injection moulded parts for the automotive sector. Require the excel format as a baseline for KPI Dashboard

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