Win Loss Chart

Win Loss Chart provides a quick way of seeing overall situation of a series of data at one glance. It shows positive and negative situation of data in a distinctive way. Also it is very easy to create.

There is a couple of ways to create a win loss chart. I will be using regular column chart since it is the easiest and most reliable way. Here are the other ways (just for info):

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Here is how to create a Win Loss Chart:

You need to have 2 basic columns of data in order to create this chart. Periods and Status.

Win Loss Chart 1

Then we will add two columns for charting. Win column and Loss column. Input following formula into Win column and copy it downward.

Win Loss Chart 2

Input following formula into Loss column and copy it downward.

Win Loss Chart 3

Now select whole data (4 columns) and insert a column chart. It should look like the one below:

Win Loss Chart 4

Our Win Loss Chart is almost complete at this point. It just needs some formatting.

Delete everything on chart except title and data series (Axes, legend and gridlines are to be deleted). Here is how it should look like:

Win Loss Chart 5

Now double-click on a column inside the chart and from Format Data Series menu, set Series Overlap to 100% and Gap Width to 0%. Here is how it should look like now:

Win Loss Chart 6

Now set fill color of your Win series to green and Loss series to red. Also adjust your chart title as something meaningful. And here is your finished Win Loss Chart:

Win Loss Chart 7

You can download this chart from the link below and check it yourself:

Download Win Loss Chart

(Download FAQ)

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