X Axis Labels Below Negative Values

You want x axis labels below negative values, but when you have positive and negative values on same chart, x axis labels gets placed in the middle of the chart. That’s because x axis shows zero values, it is normal logical behavior for Excel.

Solution for placing x axis labels below negative values is pretty easy. Just follow the steps shown below and your problem will be solved in seconds.

Here is a basic chart with source data next to it. This is an automatically generated chart by selecting data and inserting a column chart.


As you can see, x axis labels are in the middle of the chart and it makes it very hard to read them. That is actually normal, given x axis represents zero value, it and it’s labels are positioned between positive and negative values.

But it is possible to move x axis labels below negative values while leaving x axis at where it is. To do so, double-click on x axis labels. This will open “Format Axis” menu on left side of the screen.

Make sure “Format Axis” menu is selected and if not, click on the area marked with dark green. This will open Format Axis menu. Then click on “Labels” as shown below.


While in Labels menu, navigate to label position and select “Low”.


After the selection, excel will position x axes labels below negative values.

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