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Brazil vs Germany Chart

Here is another installment of Do It In Excel series. I call this data visualization Brazil vs Germany Chart.  Let’s see how can you build this nice chart in Excel.


Change Shapes On Charts

Here is a quick tip about how to change shapes on charts. If you ever wondered how can you build a chart like those fancy colorful charts that has columns with pointy edges, here...

List Unique Values thumb

List Unique Values In A Column

Often times you need list unique values in a column to summarize, check or compile results. I will show you three ways to do it fast and easy.

Excel Treemap 4

Excel Treemap

Treemap is an easy and beautiful way of visualizing layered data. It represents your data set in a way that is visually pleasing and easy to understand. This post will show you how to...

Sunburst Chart With Excel 2016 thumb

Sunburst Chart With Excel 2016

Microsoft finally included sunburst chart into Excel and made it easy to make a sunburst chart with Excel 2016. How to create a sunburst chart with Excel versions prior to 2016 is explained in...