Excel Election Template

Here is an Excel election template that you can use for the elections held at your organization. It has a practical vote entry sheet and a dashboard style results sheet.

The country I live in recently had an election. As a citizen that wants to make sure that votes are counted properly, I stayed with the vote box until official result documents are signed. Counting and documenting process were new to me and with the inspiration from that, I prepared this Excel Election Template.

This file consists of two pages. The page you see above is “Results” page. It gives you a visualized summary of election results. There is little information that you need to fill in. Election name, date and total registered voters. Rest of the data comes from the second sheet. You may also replace the pictures with real pictures or logos.

I designed votes sheet (second sheet) after the actual vote counting templates. I locked them with data validation so you can only input “x” into the boxes. It counts all votes for each candidate real-time and lets you see the progress. Results sheet also is updated as you input votes into this sheet.

Both pages are adjusted for printing. Votes sheet also have a signature section at the bottom. You can fill the tables in vote page to count votes, than print is and sign it to make it official.

You can download this template from the link below:

Excel Election Template

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2 Responses

  1. nicholas says:

    i need a video on how you did your election result template

  2. Harvey says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out more details.

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