Ungroup Pivot Table Fields

Excel pivot table groups your dates into years, quarters and months by itself when you drag them into a rows or columns. Many users don’t know how to ungroup pivot table fields, therefore gets annoyed because of this behavior.

This issue happens when you have a column of continuous date values in your source data for pivot table.

When you create a pivot table and drag Date column into rows or columns, you will not see dates. Excel will group dates into years and quarters.

Here is how your pivot table will look like:

If you expand years, you will see quarters. And if you expand quarters you will see months. You will not be able to see individual dates.

If all your dates are in one year, then will group them just by months instead of years and quarters.

This may be annoying to you but fixing this issue is quite easy. All you need to do is to right-click on your grouped pivot table field and select “Ungroup” from the menu.

This will ungroup pivot table fields and restore your date column to its original form.

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