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Seeing word clouds (or tag clouds) in dashboards and web sites quite often, I decided to make one myself using Excel VBA. It is a fun project which will allow you to polish your VBA skills while having a nice word cloud generator.

This word cloud generator basically consists of two sheets one being Words sheet and the other being Generator sheet. Any word you enter into column A of Word sheet will be placed into word cloud in generator sheet. Size of the word is decided based on Occurrence (Column B of Word sheet). Color of the word will be selected by user.

Here is how the data in Word sheet looks like:

Word Cloud Generator 1

(Occurrence data is randomized for this example.)

You can fill up to 100 words here to be included in word cloud. More will cause code to crush.

You will notice a button with the caption “Create Word Cloud” in Generator sheet. Pressing this button will call a color selection window. You can see the window below:

Word Cloud Generator 2

You can select a one of pre-defined single colors or press “Shuffle” button to create a colorful word cloud.

After pressing any button on color selection window, a code will run in the background and generate a word cloud in the gray area of Generator sheet based on your selection. Here is a sample word cloud generated with Shuffle button:

Word Cloud Generator 3

You can download this word cloud generator to use it or to check VBA codes inside. Here is the download link:

Download Word Cloud Generator

Download FAQ

For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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